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1972 Opel GT Custom

Metal Fabrication


Engine & Transmission Mounts



Frame Build-up

Still a work in progress



Side Marker Lights



Headlight Fabrication

Headlight bucket fabrication.

Almost ready

Box still needs to be trimmed

Cover mock-up

Repairs to the original headlight doors

Flanged Panel

Plastic panel used for mock-up





Side Skirts


Rear Panel & Tail lights

The rear panel was only tack welded....

....So we added a solid weld bead.

A look inside at the tail light buckets. They will be attached with automotive adheasive and fiberglass.


Air Intake

To keep from using a larger hood scoop,

we chose to make a remote air filter.


Power Windows

Curved glass can be tricky


Cowl Modification

Cowl Section for a donor car.

Cutting off the excess metal

mocking things up

Test fitting parts

To insure there is enough room for everything



Custom Radiator

Radiator mounts

The shape of the mount takes styling cues from the accessory mounts.



Floor Pan Fabrication

Battery Tray

Battery Tray

Lines and wiring will run throught the frame rails.

B&M Shifter






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