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Cost of a 1969 Camaro Restoration

Many people are telling us they want restore their 1969 Camaro convertible using the new Camaro body shell parts from Dynacorn. They are seeking to restore their car back to its original splendor. So as you can imagine we get asked a lot of questions regarding “what it would take to do it?” And this is usually followed by “how much will it cost?”

 There are no cut and dry answers. Everyone is looking for something a little different, which is the great thing about rebuilding a car this way. Below I put together some numbers showing the typical configurations we're asked about. THIS IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO GO ABOUT IT! And remember these prices do not include labor, so if you cannot do the work yourself it must be added in.




"NEW" or Rebuilt Body (complete with fenders, door and hood) "some assembly required"

$13,000 - $17,000

New complete sub-frame (with rack & pinion, disk brakes and engine mounts $1400
Crate engine $2000 - $20,000
Engine accessories (water pump, alternator, ignition, radiator, ect.) $500 - $2000
Exhaust system $500 - $2000
Transmission $1500 - $3000
Tilt Column $300
Power steering kit $600
Rear disk brake kit $600

We are an authorized Dynacorn dealer. Contact us with your parts needs. Online catalog.

Front & Rear sway bars $300
Power Windows (complete w/ NEW regulators and motors) $600
Wiring Harness $500 -  $1500  
Complete Air Conditioning $1000
Complete Interior kit (stock interior, add more for custom job) $1000 - $5000
Complete Glass kit $800

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Complete Weatherstrip Kit $300
New nuts & bolts $200 - $750
Tires & Rims ($150/ rim & $100 tires) $1000
I removed this total because many people believed we could build a car from scratch for this number. The above list only covers some of the major components... and is NOT A COMPLETE LIST. Building a car using all NEW and High Tech parts is not cheap expect a figure of near $100k. There are other options available some under $20,000... but this would be a partial restoration using your body.



Obviously, there are different ways restore your 1969 Camaro. Instead of a crate engine, MPFI kit, and transmission, you could buy the set-up out of a late model Camaro or Vette, instead of the “NEW” body parts you may have a good shell, (but add in the price of any bodywork needed) and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on…

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this or any other restoration project that you may have in mind. We are very quick to answer all inquiries, and remember there are no dumb questions. (But please try to be specific to aid us in giving you an accurate answer.)

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