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Do-it-Yourself Auto Restorations

This page will be devoted to the those of you wanted the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Everyone needs help so we will try to offer advice and links to make it as easy as possible. Be on the look at for new items to be added.

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If you are here reading this I can safely assume you love classic cars. Itís no secret that we do too. Auto restoration is more than just a hobby itís a way of life. We enjoy restoring cars for others but realize that many want to have the pleasure of doing it them selves, and we are glad to help.

As you look around our site you will find pictures of past, current and future projects to help inspire you. Also youíll find helpful articles that may help you see a subject in a whole new light. In this section we will highlight tools and services that can make the job of restoring your dream car easier.

The most important thing you can do is be informed. And the best way to do that is to read everything you can find: from any of the many forums, newsgroups, and other sites found on the web, to books and magazines. Through out our web site you will find links to Amazon.com. Their site is very easy to navigate and they offer fast reliable service at a great price, but they are not the only source for information. Hereís a page of suggested reading.

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