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Morris Minor Custom



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Brake/Clutch lines


A/C parts & lines

Bulkhead connectoions

A/C compressor mounting

A/C condenser mounting

A/C and heater hoses

another shot of the hoses

Inside view of bulkhead connector.


Oil Filter & oil cooler


Remote oil filter mount.

oil cooler mounted below the A/C compressor




Battery tray behind seat.

Jumper cable lugs mounted in the trunk.

with the battery behind the seat these will make jumps easier

cable routed with clips along the inner fender


Power Window Switches

Power window switches -- they are activated by the stock door cranks.

The driver side handle has a button, that when pressed will operate the passenger side window

Relays to work the "magic"

the relays are mounted on a plate

the plates is located on the door near the crank.


Door Stops

Door stop.

test fitting

This will also serve as a channel for the wiring.

in place... and working

view from the outside with door open.


Hood Support

Support to hopld up the front of the hood

Right side

Left side

Doing it's job with the hood shut.



Engine bay assembly



Disassembly for paint

Front suspension coming off

bare front frame

Frame removed

Bare firewall


Painted brake/clutch assembly



Front air line modifications

Relocating the air line.

Inside view.

Upper control arms - Before & After Polishing

Radiator installed, view of air lines. Normally the air line comes up through the hole near the upper control arm and is subject to damage.



Tail lights

Tail light disassembly

Cleaned and wired.

Last mock up in car

Side view



Running Wires








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